Space Innovations – NanoRacks

Our team at BE Your Start has always been passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small companies kickstart their business ideas. This time around, we are excited to announce our soon-to-be launched Space Contest, where young and budding entrepreneurs in the space industry can pitch their ideas and join us in our mission to accelerate innovation and bring more small businesses to space.  

In anticipation of this event, let’s recount the successes and innovations of a recently founded space company, NanoRacks. 

NanoRacks offers services to customers ranging from high schools to government space agencies, which include Cubesat launches, test platforms for advanced sensors (for earth observation), research platforms for materials and biopharma research and more. The company recently closed a contract with NASA related to a “commercial habitat concept” study called Ixion. The project is focused on finding ways to repurpose “spent” rocket tanks into suitable places for deep-space explorers to live (The parts of used launch vehicles otherwise go to waste after deploying satellites into orbit). 

Find out more about them here:

Join Us in Our Race to Space

Breaking into the space industry can be hard. Even though the global space economy is constantly expanding, the pressure to innovate is all too intimidating. Which is why we at BE Your Start, are eager to help space startups and entrepreneurs advance their business goals and set foot in the space race. 

Whether it be manufacturing satellites and ground support equipment or providing launch services, no space idea is too big or too small. Our team is prepared to offer entrepreneur groups interns in the HR, PR and Social Media departments. We also offer mentorship and consultation services and can arrange for financial assistance if and when needed. 

If you’re interested in accelerating your business ideas and kickstarting your small company, reach out to us at BE Your Start and see your vision come to life.

Space Innovations – Terran Orbital

This week we will be recounting the progress of a recently founded space company, Terran Orbital (, and the innovative solutions they have contributed to the space industry.

Founded by Marc Bell in 2013 in Irvine, United States, Terran Orbital is into developing/manufacturing pico and nano satellites. They are currently developing a constellation of nanosatellites to create a data infrastructure in space. The company also provides consulting and manufacturing services to government agencies such as NASA, DARPA, JPL and military organizations such as the DOD, NRL, and NRO. The company plans to expand its workforce and build a 40,000 square foot facility designed to produce 150 satellites per year. 

Our team at BE Your Start would love to have budding space companies and entrepreneurs join us in our mission to accelerate innovation and bring more small businesses to space.

BEYourStart Seeks Space Entrepreneurs

BE Your Start, ever since its inception in 2017, has been committed in assisting small businesses and startups to find their footing in a 30 million+ small business economy. We are currently observing the rapidly growing global space economy and the innovative contributions being made to it. 

Some companies involved in space innovations include:

  1. Terra Orbital
  2. NanoRacks
  3. Relativity Space

We’d love to have companies like these join us to explore ways to bring their business to space.

In the coming weeks, we will be detailing the specific innovations and overall contribution of these small businesses in the space industry. Stay tuned to find out more. 

Pre-Purchase Advice and Setup for Your Apple Needs in Saratoga Springs

Robert Braathe spent nearly 14 years working with and affiliated with Apple as a manager, member of the Apple Consultants Network, Specialist and Business Specialist. He also returned to Apple for the holiday seasons of 2016 and 2017 to assist customers with shopping for their holiday gifts and year end business purchases.

If you are looking for advice on what to get this year, someone to update or transfer your information and or setup your devices, call Robert at 518-290-0812 or email us at

Available for on-site support in Saratoga County, Washington County and surrounding areas.

#Startup802 Update – Student Businesses Up and Running in Bennington, VT

We’ve had 5 classes of #Startup802 – The Entrepreneurial Mindset here in Bennington, VT in conjunction with CCV and The Lightning Jar, and here are some updates on some of the participants in our programs.

Class #1 – Fall 2017

Michelle Marrocco is growing her practice offering voice and violin lessons. Check out her website at

Class #2 – Late Spring 2018

Forest Byrd continues to contribute to the arts scene here in Bennington with Bennington Murals and Story Night Bennington

Class #3 – Fall 2018

Beth and Jonathan Dow opened The Beyond Art Gallery and Gift Shop in August 2019. Their current showcase TEXTURES is on display through December 1st, 2019

Class #4 – Spring 2019

Kamryn Capriola continues to grow her e-commerce business on Poshmark

Class #5 – Fall 2019

“Homer” is growing his towing business for hire here in Bennington, Homer’s Transport. Call for a scheduled or emergency tow at 802-440-5284 or check out his website

We’ll post more updates soon on other participants in our first 5 classes. Our next course will be offered in Spring 2020 on Wednesday nights from 6-830 at CCV in January.

TrepCon at Fordham University

On Saturday, February 23, Robert Braathe traveled down to New York City to experience Fordham University 8th annual TrepCon. TrepCon is an event put on every year by the Fordham Entrepreneurship society and Fordham Gabelli School of Business, the day consisted of speakers and panels across many different fields discussing their successes in entrepreneurship and the advice they would give to someone who is looking to start their own journey into the world of entrepreneurship. The conference had many valuable speakers from sucessful business owners to sucessful alumi. The final speaker Randy Goldberg Co-founder of Bombas, the revolutionary sock company that has not only created a sock with arch support, but with each pair of socks sold a pair is given to a person in need. Randy spoke about how his idea came to be and the motivation behind creating a company that gives as much as it gets. A smart marketing move by Randy was he gave everyone who attended the conference a free pair of Bombas socks to test out. Overall it was a great conference that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to go into the field of entrepreneurship. Check out the website here: TrepCon

Treocon shirt

Judging the Innovation Competition

Blackstone PicOn Friday, April 5th, founder and entrepreneur advisor Robert Braathe was a judge for the Tech Track in the Blackstone Launchpad Innovation Competition at UAlbany. Robert had the pleasure of sitting in on presentations and giving startups feedback to improve their ideas. Robert also donated in-kind services to the top 3 winners of the competition in hopes that these services will help them further their progress in their startup journey. This is just one of many ways BE Your Start partipates in the local startup community. For more information check out the BE Your Start website:

Startup Weekend at Ignite U NY

On March 30, during startup weekend at Ignite U NY founder and entrepreneurial advisors of BE Your Start Robert Braathe came into Ignite U to mentor the startup before the final day of startup weekend to talk to the teams about essential topics such as customer discovery and how properly network and survey for your business. He also spent time with the Startups individually to answer any questions they might have.  For the competition aspect of Startup weekend, Robert donated in-kind services to the top 3 winners of the startup weekend. For more information on what startup weekend is, check out the video down below:

BEYourStart International Entrepreneur Support

Braathe Map

During the time that Braathe Enterprises and the BE Your Start program have been in motion, We have had the pleasure of working with International Entrepreneurs on many different types of projects and helping them make connections in the U.S market. So if you or anyone you know internationally is looking to start a business and make connections in the U.S check out the BE Your Start Accelerator Program for more information.