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Robert is a talented networker! In the short time I was fortunate enough to work with Robert, I was drawn to his candor and honesty, especially in regards to startups. An intellectual at heart and dedicated life-long learner, Robert is always a great person to talk to.

Simon Bruno, Founder at Inky Technologies

Client’s Successful Startups With the help of BeYourStart, clients were able to put their innovative ideas into the market. Here are some of the clients whom we have worked with and their creative innovations. Chris Caulfield (Founder/CEO of Catapult Games): Catapult Games Simon Bruno (Founder at Inky Technology): You can find Inky’s book recommendation app at … Continue reading

Robert believed in us and welcomed us in with open arms, which has resulted in an incredible amount of growth for us. He has good advice, he provides excellent connections, and, most importantly, he genuinely enjoys helping startups like us grow. Robert is the best!

Chris Caulfield, Founder/CEO at Catapult Games