Interning as a high school student

Internships are a form of short-term employment that provides individuals with valuable work experience in a specific career field. For high school students, internships are particularly invaluable as they allow them to gain entry-level professional experience and a deeper understanding of what they enjoy or don’t in their chosen field. Internships offer a plethora of benefits such as the opportunity to learn more about a certain field, develop new skills or enhance existing ones, and build an impressive resume. Internships also provide a platform to meet new people and expand your professional network while gaining valuable insights and learning from the experiences of others. Additionally, some internships may offer monetary compensation, making it a potential source of income.

Internships are a valuable way for individuals to gain entry-level professional experience and learn more about a specific career field. Paid internships are common in professional fields, while unpaid internships are typically available through non-profit organizations, with partially-paid internships paid in the form of a stipend. In addition, virtual internships offer the opportunity to work remotely. It is worth noting that internships need not be related to one’s intended career, and there is inherent privilege in being able to do an unpaid internship.

As a high school junior intern, I can attest to the immense benefits of gaining work experience through internships. I encourage my fellow students to explore internship opportunities in their desired career fields and take advantage of the valuable insights and skills that can be gained. Additionally, I recommend visiting for helpful tips and resources to guide you in your career journey. Don’t underestimate the impact you can make as a student, start exploring your options today!

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