Our Story

“We are here because the world needs heroes.” 

Braathe Enterprises was founded to inspire, educate and innovate with entrepreneurs, recent college grads, college and high school students, and new and experienced executives and employees of companies.

Mission Statement

BE (Braathe Enterprises) provides training, mentoring, and support to career seekers, companies, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our Values


Manners – Mutual respect.

Positivity – Positive outcomes.

Heroics – We were sent here to make a difference.

Faith – In ourselves and we encourage others to have faith as well in their abilities.

Temerity – We are brave and courageous in all we do.

Hunger – We always strive to stay hungry through our successes and our shortcomings.

Founder – Robert Braathe

Robert Braathe has written and reviewed resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for 1000’s of candidates during his time in management for Disney, Gap and Apple. Today he has taken his experience to help job seekers and career changers represent themselves better in their search for their ideal next stop.