Robert is an excellent manager and mentor. He urged being proactive and often shared principles and habits from his life that would benefit us. I found myself applying the same, leading to a much improved lifestyle. I am grateful for his initiatives that helped me acquire the know-how and skills I needed to set me apart. He assigned several different types of tasks that pushed me pick up skills on my own. I was able to prep up my profile a lot thanks to him and the same has helped me perform better in interviews and my work. Robert continues to advise and follow up whenever he is consulted upon. I am absolutely sure he creates the same magic with everyone he interacts and would definitely advise anyone working with him to make the most of it.

Sai Prathyusha Kondisetti, Learning and Development Intern at Avanade

Robert connected all of the teams with hundreds of people who could help us with our startups. He has such a wide network that he easily connected any of us with someone who could help. He was also a mentor himself and helped our team grow tremendously. By the end of the program he had helped us make a large pivot and get our product on the market. Robert was a huge help throughout the program and is an expert in his field.

Mikayla Lansing, Core team at IgniteU NY

Robert is a talented networker! In the short time I was fortunate enough to work with Robert, I was drawn to his candor and honesty, especially in regards to startups. An intellectual at heart and dedicated life-long learner, Robert is always a great person to talk to.

Simon Bruno, Founder at Inky Technologies

Robert has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship which he is uniquely able to share with entrepreneurs both new and seasoned. Personable and insightful, Robert can get you asking the right questions and point you toward possible answers.

Aidan Lambert, Associate at THREE

Robert believed in us and welcomed us in with open arms, which has resulted in an incredible amount of growth for us. He has good advice, he provides excellent connections, and, most importantly, he genuinely enjoys helping startups like us grow. Robert is the best!

Chris Caulfield, Founder/CEO at Catapult Games