“Robert was super helpful in me structuring my Linkedin profile, resume, and cover letter. Our collaboration helped me get a promotion in my current organization, as well as helping me better articulate why I was qualified for a promotion at Facebook. Through our consultations, I was able to highlight existing projects and work experiences that matched positions at Facebook, making me stand out. I highly recommend working with Robert.”


Yusuf Abdul-Qadir, Product Policy Manager at Facebook

“Robert did an amazing job on updating my LinkedIn page. As a result, I gained many new like-minded contacts that have been beneficial in my work and in increasing collaboration for research. I would highly recommend him.”

Dr. Collette Foster-Visiting Professor, Abu Dhabi University, Al Ain-UAE

“I had the privilege and opportunity to work for Mr. Braathe for his Summer 2020 internship program. Robert was always willing to go out of his way to nurture each and every team member (including myself) to learn and grow in his company, even if they do not have much or any prior work experience. Robert also understands the value of networking as he taught me the importance of networking with others. I highly recommend working with Robert as he will always go out of his way to help others and ensure that everyone in his team succeeds and grows professionally.”

Kenneth Jung, Transportation security at U.S Department of Homeland Security

“I had the privilege to work for Mr. Braathe at Braathe Enterprise as a Finance intern. Mr. Braathe is a diligent and organized leader with a clear vision for his company who spreads his enthusiasm and passion to the rest of the team. Most importantly, he is very understanding and caring. Mr. Braathe seeks to know each and every intern on a personal level. I genuinely enjoyed my time interning at Braathe Enterprise and would strongly recommend Mr. Braathe to anyone on the cusp of working with him.”

Steven Zhang, Student athlete at Yale

“Robert has been the best internship supervisor I have had. He has helped me thrive in my independent work, while also providing me with the structure and guidelines needed to complete my work. Robert made transitioning to a remote internship seamless & I am grateful for all that I have learned from him. I hope to be even half of the entrepreneur that he is one day, because that would be very successful!”

Catherine O’Connor, Client Sales Associate

“Robert connected all of the teams with hundreds of people who could help us with our startups. He has such a wide network that he easily connected any of us with someone who could help. He was also a mentor himself and helped our team grow tremendously. By the end of the program he had helped us make a large pivot and get our product on the market. Robert was a huge help throughout the program and is an expert in his field.”

Mikayla Lansing, Core team at IgniteU NY

“Robert is a talented networker! In the short time I was fortunate enough to work with Robert, I was drawn to his candor and honesty, especially in regards to startups. An intellectual at heart and dedicated life-long learner, Robert is always a great person to talk to.”

Simon Bruno, Founder at Inky Technologies

“Robert has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship which he is uniquely able to share with entrepreneurs both new and seasoned. Personable and insightful, Robert can get you asking the right questions and point you toward possible answers.”

Aidan Lambert, Associate at THREE

“Robert believed in us and welcomed us in with open arms, which has resulted in an incredible amount of growth for us. He has good advice, he provides excellent connections, and, most importantly, he genuinely enjoys helping startups like us grow. Robert is the best!”

Chris Caulfield, Founder/CEO at Catapult Games