Space Innovations – Terran Orbital

This week we will be recounting the progress of a recently founded space company, Terran Orbital (, and the innovative solutions they have contributed to the space industry.

Founded by Marc Bell in 2013 in Irvine, United States, Terran Orbital is into developing/manufacturing pico and nano satellites. They are currently developing a constellation of nanosatellites to create a data infrastructure in space. The company also provides consulting and manufacturing services to government agencies such as NASA, DARPA, JPL and military organizations such as the DOD, NRL, and NRO. The company plans to expand its workforce and build a 40,000 square foot facility designed to produce 150 satellites per year. 

Our team at BE Your Start would love to have budding space companies and entrepreneurs join us in our mission to accelerate innovation and bring more small businesses to space.


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