Rebecca Fankhanel’s ideas for Start-Ups

Recently, I watched my cousin start-up his own app/business during the pandemic. This has given me some inside knowledge on how to do so. Below, I will compile a list of statements that he made apparent would be very helpful to their success.  1. Businesses operate solely on the number of customers (visitors to websites)/ … Continue reading Rebecca Fankhanel’s ideas for Start-Ups

6 Reasons People Don’t Believe In You or Your Ideas

Struggling with traction? Here are 6 reasons people may not believe in you that we've seen first hand in our interactions in the startup community: You think success is having an office and fancy furniture. You listen to loud music on headphones when you should be interacting with your peers and those in your immediate … Continue reading 6 Reasons People Don’t Believe In You or Your Ideas

Encouraging and Managing Idea Creation

This is a research paper I wrote in 2010 for my Managing Creativity in the Organization PhD class - Robert Braathe As CEO of my company, I’d encourage freedom of expression, creative thinking, and innovation in order to generate significant idea creation. Harvard Business Press (2003) indicates that businesses that flow along an S-Curve when … Continue reading Encouraging and Managing Idea Creation