6 Reasons People Don’t Believe In You or Your Ideas

Struggling with traction? Here are 6 reasons people may not believe in you that we’ve seen first hand in our interactions in the startup community:

  1. You think success is having an office and fancy furniture.
  2. You listen to loud music on headphones when you should be interacting with your peers and those in your immediate vicinity.
  3. You walk around with inflated titles like “CEO and President” or “Chief Bottle Washer” instead of something more realistic.
  4. You don’t answer messages sent to you on the same day you receive them from people you know because you claim to be “so busy.”
  5. You shun others because you don’t look outside the box when it comes to relationship building.
  6. You dismiss any feedback you receive that isn’t flowery praise as derogatory, dismissive or invalid.

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