Car Dealership Start-Up by James Salinas

Growing up I had no idea what I wanted to accomplish as a young adult. I had no idea what to study for in college. I had many mixed emotions about whether or not to attend college for a better future. I ended up attending a two-year community college and earned my associate's degree in … Continue reading Car Dealership Start-Up by James Salinas

Interview With Robert Braathe

Robert Braathe, founder and owner of BE Your Start and Braathe Enterprises, has many years of experience from major American companies including GAP, Disney, and Apple. He has the special ability and unseen willingness to pass on his knowledge and experience from these companies to young people from all around the world, helping them start … Continue reading Interview With Robert Braathe

Rebecca Fankhanel’s ideas for Start-Ups

Recently, I watched my cousin start-up his own app/business during the pandemic. This has given me some inside knowledge on how to do so. Below, I will compile a list of statements that he made apparent would be very helpful to their success.  1. Businesses operate solely on the number of customers (visitors to websites)/ … Continue reading Rebecca Fankhanel’s ideas for Start-Ups

Early Startup Community Tips

Startup Communities always start out small and become bigger well known communities. Many of these communities are outside of branded and popular startups such as Silicon Valley. There comes many tips on how to become a successful start up in your own community by effectively knowing how to recruit the right people and having planned … Continue reading Early Startup Community Tips