Car Dealership Start-Up by James Salinas

Growing up I had no idea what I wanted to accomplish as a young adult. I had no idea what to study for in college. I had many mixed emotions about whether or not to attend college for a better future. I ended up attending a two-year community college and earned my associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. After completing my two-year degree plan, I attended Daemen College in Buffalo, New York gaining a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Marketing specialization.

I came up with trying to figure out what to earn my degree in. I was tracing back what my goals and future I wanted for myself and the passion I had for the vehicle Industry. I came up with this business idea while I would always have a passion for selling and buying items for a profit to make up long-term income. I would buy items such as shoes, car parts, and large house items. Within this business action, I would buy the item for under price for a retail profit and invest to buy products for another profit or keep for myself by selling for resale. That is where I found a passion in the sales industry. Of course, being passionate and driven for hard work and dedication to obtain my goal for the future.

My career goal is to own a car dealership in the future. I want to gain knowledge, communication skills, and how to make a sale and buy for a reasonable price. I want to start up with a small dealership and work my way up to a larger aspect similar to Ford or Chevy like other companies that are in great competition. I plan to work with family and friends to build up my small dealership and then move on up to a larger industry. The plan is to own multiple dealerships and run car auctions for a side hustle.

Within my current career goals, I plan to learn as much as I can to gain experience, skill sets, and knowledge about the business world/aspect. I will be conducting many job opportunities to help me gain knowledge to start up this small business to a larger business. With my internship, I am currently seeking at Braathe Enterprises I aspect to gain knowledge and skills for the business world. Within job opportunities that are planned for me in the future I hope to enhance all-important skills and aspects of the business world to help me prepare long-term so I can provide the best work possible.


James Salinas

Braathe Enterprises intern

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