Rebecca Fankhanel’s ideas for Start-Ups

Recently, I watched my cousin start-up his own app/business during the pandemic. This has given me some inside knowledge on how to do so. Below, I will compile a list of statements that he made apparent would be very helpful to their success. 

1. Businesses operate solely on the number of customers (visitors to websites)/ sales they get on the daily. If you start a company that is not desired by the public during these times, you won’t receive much business. If you open a business that has saunas for the public, this is reasonable to start at this time. With guidelines needing to be met to keep the public safe, you wouldn’t even be able to successfully operate your business. 

2. You need to cater your services to the customers wants. During the pandemic everybody wants a convenient and easy way to be able to take part in activities they did before. Just like restaurants, takeout or delivery is offered for the convenience of the customer. They can now eat at home and feel safe while also having the satisfaction of eating great food. 

3. Having an attractive look and feel to your company or website is key to getting business. If it’s dirty and unorganized then nobody will want to come on your work grounds. If your website is confusing and hard to navigate, not many people will want to be on it because it creates confusion. I personally don’t like being confused because it’s frustrating to not understand something that should be very basic and well thought out. 

  • Based on these keys to success, I figured a good start-up would be to create a convenient and easy business that has a very organized and understandable website. The most important part for your business is first and foremost having good advertisement methods or the word will never get around. You don’t always need celebrities to get the word around, a powerful message, or intriguing look can do the trick. Building your website might be one of the best places to start after figuring out advertising since a majority of information is transmitted online during the pandemic. Once you have a course of action and plan for your business and what you’ll be doing, you need to start to build the idea. I think advertising should go first because if you can’t come up with any exceptional ideas on how to advertise and get the word out, there’s no point in starting a business. Advertising/ getting out to the public is everything and if your methods aren’t favorable to the public, the idea might need to be scrapped. It might be beneficial to consider designing a logo or brand name with the advertising as well. 
  • Creating a survey would be helpful by asking the public their opinion of the company advertising and see if they’d purchase your product or service. The best way to distribute the survey could be on social media or even to ask any of your friends and family to post it on theirs. Any way you can get it out would help. Businesses such as Robert’s assist other businesses/individuals in this exact spot. It is likely that there are other related companies similar to Robert’s locally that will also send out the survey for the entrepreneur. 


Rebecca Fankhanel

Braathe Enterprises intern

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